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A total of 37 entries came to our 100DTL Selection Shoot on Saturday 23rd October.

A mixed day weather-wise with overcast conditions, light rain & occasional wind.

The High Gun & winner of the Neil Crawford Trophy was John Gilchrist with a score of 99/291.

Class/prize winners were as follows:

1st AA: Andy Hetherington 96/285

1st A: Paul Chalmers 97/285

2nd A: Leighton Reid 97/282

1st B: Willie Buchanan 98/289

2nd B: Martin Young 97/287

3rd B: James MacLellan 98/283

1st C: Joe Croot 96/278

2nd C= Hector McFadyen 90/266 & Nick McFarlane 91/266

4th C: Iain Currie 90/264

5th C: Mervyn Stuart 93/263

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